Industrial IoT Cybersecurity


The Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the backbone and the Achilles heel of all sectors of industry and critical infrastructure of any country. They offer essential services that support the foundations of modern society. If they are endangered, they can cause physical, financial and environmental damage.

ICSs present a high risk in the face of possible cybersecurity attacks, at all levels: operating systems, network and communications infrastructure, SCADA systems, PLCs, and many others. The current need to connect the industry (Industry 4.0) gives rise to the entry of new threats in the industrial operation area OT (Operation Technology) that can interrupt the activity and cause huge economic losses.

The risks are obvious since there are multiple points of attack on our ICS:

  • Flat networks
  • Malware introduced by USB
  • Operational network equipment connected to the Internet
  • PLCs/RTUs directly connected to the Internet
  • Unsecured WIFI networks
  • Serial communications
  • Use of insecure protocols
  • Permanent external access and without VPN

This situation makes it necessary to implement solutions of active defense and defense in depth, in which the knowledge of the industrial domain of ITS is key to carry out effective and resilient protection.